George Albert Smith’s revelation about president being of Greek extraction

There has been some debate as to whether or not President Obama would fit the criteria in George A. Smiths

revelation in regards to, “Greek Extraction”.  All the other parts of the vision or dream seem to have been

fulfilled,  including,  The U.S. would make treaties with Russia to remove our missles from Europe,  that

has become the Obama administration policy as negotiated last Fall.  The President also was caught talking

to the Russian Presedent off mike promising concessions once he was re-elected.

Most people dismiss Barak Obama because his geneology does’nt   show Greek ancestry.  This would be

a strong example of  “revealing and concealing”.   God speaks prophesy and revelation to man via encoded

form;  metaphors,  paralells,  types and shadows.  We must approach such information with an open mind and

an open heart,  willing to learn and be guided in truth.  Takes effort and time,  we must be able and willing to

sacrafice to recieve the blessing.  To approach any sacred writing,  the greater truths are always hidden

from the ones who have not the “eyes to see or the ears to hear”.  The revelation is for those prepared

to hear and hidden to those who are not willing to sacrafice and pass levels of trial and tribulation.  Thus

it becomes a weeding out process,  the literalists and those looking for quick answers,  all fall by the way

side and dismiss such information as foolishness or not relevant.  There is no place for the seed to grow,

it falls on stony ground and is not nourished.

First,  ask yourself the question,  what does Greece represent?  Who were the Greeks?  What influence

do the Greeks or Hellens bring to America or the world?  And when?  What time frames are we talking about

that could paralell our own?  Why the word ,”extraction”?   Apply the keys of learning and answer the

questions by study and prayer.  Anything worth having takes work and effort,  then it becomes part of

you…a testimony of truth.  No hanging onto anothers coat tails,  you can speak with power and truth, no

quoting or reading,  speaking from the heart words of the Spirit,  a true and powerful testimony…a servant

of the Lord.   The path of greater knowledge, truth and righteousness is calling you.  This is at the

root of all prophesy,  revelation and scripture,  an invitation come unto the Lord and drink of the waters

of the fountains of life.  Come unto the Lord, being humble and teachable willing to be guided.  This is

when we begin to expand and be filled with truth and light.  God needs people who are ready and prepared

to recieve the larger portion that they can be instuments in the hands of the Lord to bring back his people.

“The Lord is the same yesterday,  today and forever”.   “What has been, shall be”.   “The work of the Lord

is one eternal round”.  The history of the world and mankind runs in cycles,  same events just names and

places change.  That is how the prophets reveal truth,  they speak of past events to reveal the future.  These

methods are taught in rabbinic school,   how to read and write scripture…the learning of the jews.   Part of

the oral traditions that are passed down and not published.  Can you imagine the power in understanding

the literary structures while invoking the Holy Ghost.  Bringing the Jew and Gentile together,  meeting on a

common level of understanding.

If we are in a cycle and we are coming to the end,  we need to find the pattern,  the type of where we

are at to find more clues and answers.   For me, the loudest example or paralell would be Christ’s first

appearance,  if we are waiting for the second.   Are there paralells between the Roman empire and the

United States?   What influence does Greece have on Rome and Gods chosen people?   Answer these

questions and our picture becomes clearer.   Study up on the history of Greece or the Hellens.  The

ethnic and olive skinned Greeks,  and the seeds of aristocracy,  class divisions and elitism and the

eventual fall of Rome.   The seeds of discontent.   Are there paralells?  how deep and on how many levels

do the types and shadows go?  What about “extraction”?  How clear can we make the picture?

The prophesy concealed the the truth,  while revealing it to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

Why the use of the word,”extraction”?  This word deserves our attention,  it is a clue, a sign post.

Words in prophesy, scripture and revelations are very deliberate.  Once a meaning has been established

the prophets go to great lenghs to be true to its definition,  each word is connected to the larger portion

of the vision of all things and to half hazardly use words would destroy the tapestry of , “the word”.

Visions and dreams are illustrated with rich imaegry, metaphors that teach and lead back to the great

vision of all things and ultimately to the Lords presence.  The word “extraction”,  is loaded with information

beyond physical descent.  Here are the definitions and ideas associated with extraction; The process of

obtaining something from a mixture(1913webster),  The action of taking out something, drawing out

an essence.  (math) The operation of finding the root or method of rule by which the operation is performed:

evolution (webster 1913).  Books do preserve as in a vial the purest efficacy and extraction of that living

intelect that bred them  –Milton.  “A family of acient extraction” —Clarendon.

In George Alberts vision he describes all previous Presidents would be from English and Northern

European descent.  So, this “one” would be different in a long sucsession of Presidents.  The word extraction

is a loaded word.

“Drawing out an essence”,  not a literal solid appearance.   Barak Obama during his inagural in ’08 had Greek columns

as a backdrop.    His ideology is in stark contrast to the founding principals of the constitution and Bill of Rights that this nation

and people were built on.   Every president upto Obama have been part of the judeo-christian way of life with its accompanying

values and morals.   Although a few have strayed in policy judgments.   The “essence” of the Greek in Rome,  something

different,  a new world view from what has been.    The Greeks brought a new world view to  the region and empire of Rome

and ultimately Israel.   Israel was in danger of totally losing it’s identity,   there are pictures of jews in togas.  The writings of

Josephus and Philo in these critical lost years resound the overwhelming Hellenistic influence on the people.   The influences

being;   The liberal arts,  theatre,  olympiad,  worship of the human form,  scocio-political elitism,  class division,  intellectual

elitism and the shifting from a rural way of life to city centers.   All these things are paralell to idolatry in scripture,  not overt

sin on a personal level but,  as a collective people,  in turning one’s heart and eye from God.   Iniquity and idolatry bring quick

destruction from God,   these collective sins of a people,  especially God’s people kindle the wrath of God.  He will allow people

and individuals to err and sin and He will chasten them unto repentance and humility,  will not allow His nation to turn to other

Gods.   You will see throughout scripture that just prior to any annihilation of a people or nation,  God will exclaim that He is a

jealous God and that the people have gone away after other gods and they worship the things of thier hands.

These are the seeds of destruction that brought the decent of Greece and allowed the Roman empire to rise.   Although they

adopted and kept the hellenistic influence that was present.   The Greco-Roman world.  We then have the fall of the Roman

empire,  dancing while Rome burned.

Are there paralells with America and Rome?   Has America been influenced with hellenistic  socio-political ideas?   If we are in

the last days and awaiting the 2nd coming of the Lord,  what of the 1st?   Who is the great Rome of Christ’s 1st coming?   Who are

the covenant blessed or God’s people?   Is there a great nation in decline?  Is there Idolatry and iniquity amongst His people and

nation?   A few questions to answer that will open the paralells and reveal prophesy.

Is Obama of Greek extraction?  Does he exude the essence of Greece?

Obama is something different introduced in a long line of Judeo-Christian,  Western European presidential lineage.  His essence

embodies a shift from the same.   The platform in which he arose from is from the far left in the political spectrum.  This is an

important fact to understand in looking at the “essence” of the extraction and the Hellenistic influence of Greece on the Roman

empire.  The  left in American politics is often described as “liberal”,  and also, “progressive”.   They stand on a platform that is

counter-intuitive to Judeo-Christian values.  Pro-abortion,  anti-gun,  pro-union and labor.  They embrace the arts especially those

in Hollywood and a redistribution of wealth that is prone to socialistic values.  Obama surrounds himself with those who are

communistic in their political views.  He sees the constitution as a thing to overcome.   He and his administration have an agenda to

fundamentally change America.   They have been installing a structure to replace the free-capitalistic socio-economic system.  They

have been demonizing the success of those who have built large successful companies that employ thousands.   They also surround

themselves with the educational elite.  Those who believe they know best for everyone else and that “we” are just not smart enough

to make good decisions.  They know best.

Barak Obama is one that has not know the American experience and does not have an appreciation of the gift and blessing that

America has given the world.   The Constitution and founding fathers,  the sacrifices of thousands of pioneers leaving their  old lives

and braving a new world for freedom of tyranny and freedom to worship God as they saw fit.  A promised land that had to be earned

with blood sweat and tears.  This they did to give a better life to their posterity.   The best of all lands came to America,  those with a

spirit of freedom,  those who feared God more than man,  those who heard the call in their soul and came,  they were chosen.

This spirit and essence of the American immigrant believed in hard work,  sacrifice and God.  The constitution was written and

established for the protection of the people,  the land was the people’s.  No monarchy, czar or tyrant would be given power, or

have access to power that could be used against “the people”.    Barak’s experience was being raised over-seas after only being

born in Hawaii.  His father an anti-colonialist,  the British empire or Europe was his target.  He was a revolutionary and did not

spend much time with Barak.  He was raised up under the influence of other revolutionaries close to the Obama family and

mother.  Upon returning to America he came to Harvard and was influenced by the Marxists.  He later spend 20 plus years in a

black liberation theology church.   This church is extremely anti-Judeo-Christian.

At the heart of the liberal left in American politics at this present time is the spirit of deceit,  an agenda being imposed on the

American people that, “is for their own good.”  They speak in code and hide in the shadows and never reveal the real intent.  They

live by the code, “the end justifies the means.”  They create division and strife among races and classes.   Always sure to explain

that it is for the poor and the down-trodden and for what is, “fair.”   When in reality all of the policy they support and pass

directly affect all of them they say they are helping.  The “agenda”,  the shadow structure of a new central government,  a

Marxist regime, or a quasi socialistic monarchy.   These are revolutionaries bent on the retransformation of America.

From this platform,  and with the decent of the democratic party Barak Obama came to power on an agenda of change.

Surrounded by those bent on re-designing America and over-throwing capitalism.  His experience is not an American one.

He does not relate nor understand the undertones of patriotism.   They could fix the economic issues and they have the

smarts to do so,  although that does not fit the agenda.  We all can be baffled why they just don’t get it,  and why they will not

negotiate with republicans.  We are speaking a different language,  what they want and what we want are two different things.

They cannot speak about their wants and agenda,  so they just seem stupid to us.  This is the crux in the whole disconnect

between the political elite and “the people.”

Something new is happening in America a new energy and essence.   The spirit of division and  elitism.  The growth of an

enormous central government with engorged power.   The leaders of which have no affinity of the “American dream.”

Barak Obama embodies the Greek Hellenistic essence that imposed itself on the ancient near east that eventually sowed

the seeds of destruction of the Roman empire.  That essence also embraces iniquity and idolatry.  Iniquity is a way of life

the people are forced to live to survive as normal in a powerful empire.  Idolatry is the byproduct of embracing the things that

come with the iniquity.   All these are the things that turn a mans heart from the true God to false gods and they try and find

a careful equilibrium to worship both.   This brings speedy destruction.

America was established as a promised land for those being faithful under extreme circumstances.  A place created to bring

again the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ with a new covenant blessing.  The only way to disseminate the fullness of the Lords

gospel is to have a free land of liberty free from religious oppression.  This bears the seeds of full expression.

3 thoughts on “George Albert Smith’s revelation about president being of Greek extraction

  1. It’s all Greek to me.
    could “Greek” simply signify different?

  2. davidaland11 says:

    Absolutely. One thing also to keep in mind is that Greece epitimized
    and set a standard of planting the seeds of discontent and the worship
    of human beings and the work of their hands…..the greco roman infulence grew so large in the region that the jews were in danger
    of losing their identity. There are pictures found today of ancient
    jews in togas. These are the seeds of turning from God, and creating the careful equilibrium of worshipping the socio-economic God of Greece and Rome and being a practicing Jew. It seems to me that
    the very essence of evil is rooted in the liberal arts….Hellenism. Today’s
    liberals and progressives at the left seem to esteem values that
    contridict the very morals and fiber of the founding of this nation. They
    espouse socialist platforms, more control and power. They seduce
    the minorities in falsehoods and giveaways, sounds harsh but lets
    call a spade a spade. Is Obama of Greek extraction? He IS of that
    family of thought and belief, an extraction of that era planted into ours after a long line of Northern European Presidents.

  3. japhet lopez says:


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